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Professional Math Internet References

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

A list of sites on the Internet found to be useful for enhancing curriculum and teacher professional growth. It is updated regularly to keep up with the tremendous number of new World Wide Web sites.

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC)

The information source for K-12 math and science teachers.

Family Math

A program developed by EQUALS, at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of
California, Berkeley, California. The goal of FAMILY MATH is to encourage underrepresented groups (especially girls and minority students) to enter careers that use mathematics. FAMILY MATH is, of course, family-based.

Annenberg/CPB K-12 Math and Science Project

This web site is just beginning to grow. Participate in the global migration project Journey North or read about the latest techniques in the teaching of math and science in the Math and Science Guide to Reform.

Pathways to School Improvement

NCRL home page for math education

NCTM Standards

Complete collection of the NCTM Math Standards

Image Processing in Mathematics

The goal of the METIP project is to use digital image processing to help meet these objectives. In particular, we have developed a series of applications designed to allow students to manipulate digitized images of their choice. These materials are intended to be used in enrichment activities rather than part of a standard classroom curriculum. Teachers can play various roles with these activities; for example, they can catalyze student learning by leading discussions of the concepts students have explored on the computer.

Geometry Resources

We believe that the World Wide Web opens interesting possibilities for educational materials in the way that it combines hypertext, interaction, multi-media, and communication at a distance, particularly since users can construct their own Web contributions. The Forum is committed to being a resource which is built upon the
activity of the teachers, students, and researchers who use it.

Mathematics and Molecules

Molecular Modeling, is one of the fastest growing fields in science. It may vary from building and visualizing molecules to performing complex calculations on molecular systems.

Ask Dr. Math

In fall of 1994 we discovered a dormant project called "Ask Prof. Maths," where K12 students could send math questions to 'experts' and get personal answers. We decided to revive the program, using Swarthmore College math students as 'Math Doctors' -- around here we call them the 'Swat Team' -- students who love to answer questions from other students.

Math Magic

MathMagic is a K-12 telecommunications project developed in El Paso, Texas. It provides strong motivation for students to use computer technology while increasing problem-solving strategies and communications skills. MathMagic posts challenges in each of four categories (k-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12) to trigger each registered team to pair up with another team and engage in a problem-solving dialog. When an agreement has been reached, one solution is posted for every pair.

Gallery of Interactive Geometry

Assocation of Teachers of Mathematics
. The Association of Teachers of Mathematics aims to relate mathematical education more closely to the powers and needs of the learner. The Association was formed in 1950 and has about 4000 members, mainly teachers in primary and secondary schools.

Calculus&Mathematica Distance Education Program

The Calculus&Mathematica Distance Education Program (C&M DEP) runs on the electronic highway to bring top rural and inner city high school students to the university and to send top university undergraduates to rural and inner city high schools to form a human, electronic community devoted to mathematics learning.

Educational Resources for K-12 Mathematics Teachers

This site at the University of Utah contains a very nice well-organized collection of
annotated links to various sites of resources for K-12 mathematics teachers.

NCTM - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Founded in 1920 as a not-for-profit professional and educational association, NCTM is the largest organization dedicated to the improvement of mathematics education and to meeting the needs of teachers of mathematics.

Math Software Developers

Key Curriculum Press

We have been serving mathematics educators since 1971, and have been on-line since 1994. Help us celebrate our upcoming 25th anniversary by browsing through our Guided Tour,

Houghton Mifflin Math Center

The Houghton Mifflin Math Center contains math resources for teachers, students and
parents. Included, for example, is a bibliography for experiences of math through literature for students in grades K-2, brain teasers for grades 3 and above, a parent handbook for helping your child understand mathematics and many math links.

Learning in Motion

You've found the Learning in Motion World-Wide Web Home Page! Learning in Motion is a publisher of innovative software for K-12 education. We hope that this WWW site will make it easier for educators and home users to learn more about our company, our products, and interesting educational WWW sites.

LOGAL Software Inc

LOGAL Software Inc. develops, publishes and markets a unique line of interactive,
simulation-based software and probeware in the fields of science and mathematics for
high-school, college and middle school. LOGAL also provides on-site Staff Development in the U.S. to help teachers better integrate our products into their curricula.

Mathematica in High Schools

Used in classrooms and labs everywhere, Mathematica generates excitement among students as they learn algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, and computer science. More and more high schools are discovering that Mathematica is helping their students easily learn the concepts of math.


MECC is a leading producer of educational software in the United States. For the past 20 years, MECC has developed high-quality educational software for kids of all ages to meet their needs wherever they learn--at home or at school. MECC educational software is researched and kid-tested to provide exciting learning adventures.

Tenth Planet

Tenth Planet aims to meet these needs with multimedia curriculum units that leverage both computer technology and traditional media in innovative ways. The result will be a new generation of curriculum designed for the classroom -- multimedia curriculum that enhances learning and meets the requirements of both teachers and children.

Note: This list is by no means intended to be complete or all inclusive.
These sites will take you to hundreds of other sites equally as valuable as the ones sited above. This list is intended as a starting point only !

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